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Babies & Essential Oils

bethany sandoval

My littlest one, Kinsley, just turned 1 and in celebration got a new tooth. When she was born, I stocked up on the teething gel that you can buy at pretty much any local grocery store. When she was cutting her first tooth, the symptoms set in...the constant drooling, the low-grade fever,  the runny nose and of course the crankiness. I whipped out the teething gel ready to ease her discomfort when I read the age recommendations. Not recommended for children under 2yrs? WHAT!? What good is that? I've always been extra cautious when it comes to any kind of medication and my babies. Always that small feeling of "what if?" in the back of my mind at using medicine on such a small person. So I chose to not use it just in case. One of the first questions I asked when I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils was "what can I do for teething?". I was so pleased to learn that there is a NATURAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTION! Of course you still need to use caution when using essential oils, especially on babies as some oils are classified as "hot oils" and require dilution with a carrier oil but when used appropriately, I don't have that "what if?" in the back of my mind, wondering if I'm doing more harm than good with the products I'm using for my family.