Finding Inspiration

The initial phase of a new collection starts with compiling a wide range of ideas. These can be anything from color swatches and internet images to sketches and lists of words. I try to keep my eyes open to inspiration in my everyday life and am always snapping pictures to add to my idea library. You never know when an idea might start taking form. 

Getting it on Paper

My collections almost always start with pencil to paper: sketching and refining. The process from the initial idea, to sketch, to painting and then to a final collection of patterns is always an adventure! Collections often take on a life of their own and the final results are not always what I had planned.

Selecting a Medium

Two of my favorite mediums to work with are watercolor and India ink. I love their transparent quality and the process of painting in layers to build up to a final detailed illustration. The journey isn’t always straightforward and designs often require more time than I anticipate, but when it all finally comes together there is just nothing else quite like it.

Final Touches

Whether it’s pen and ink or a watercolor painting, each hand-crafted illustration is carefully scanned at a high-resolution to maintain the best possible quality. From here, I use photoshop to clean each design element and ready it to be used in a final seamless design.