Questions About Our Seamless Patterns

At this time, we are not taking on any customs. However, we LOVE hearing what you want to see from Cate & Rainn®! Your suggestions help us map out our project calendars and future collections. Feel free to share your ideas in our Facebook group!

Absolutely! We can change background colors for our digital seamless patterns. Just include a HEX color code for your desired color or a reference image for us to “match” in your color change request. However, design elements in the pattern, cannot be changed. In addition, we don't offer color changes for prints available through Spoonflower or our other official retailers.

Many of our customers have favorite boutique custom printers they love using. Two that allow seamless file uploads that we love are Carriage House Printery and LBK Printing Co. They also carry lots of Cate & Rainn designs in-house! This saves you from having to purchase the digital file. Generally, you’ll upload the seamless file to your custom printer, choose your fabric base, the scale you’d like it printed at and then let them work their magic!

Cate & Rainn® files may only be used to sell physical products. However, if you’d like to use a file for a personal-use project, i.e. a baby shower invitation for a friend, and no digital products will be sold or the artwork altered, go for it!

All changes to the artwork is strictly prohibited. The file is a completed work and NO editing is permitted. This includes but is not limited to color changes, removing/adding/rearranging elements or creating new artwork using any Cate & Rainn® element. May NOT be used as clip-art.

Cate & Rainn® does not offer their work as clip-art. In addition, extracting an element from the design violates the copyright agreement. The artwork is intended to be used as is, as a finished work of art and the artwork must not be altered in any way.

Thank you so much for your interest in selling Cate & Rainn in your shop! Selling fabric, wallpaper, craft supplies or by-the-roll, yard, foot, meter, sheet etc. requires additional licensing. If you are interested in carrying Cate & Rainn® in-house, you can find more information about partnering with us here.

Selling wholesale requires an extended license for each pattern.

We have a large library of prints and are always working on adding more! Due to time constraints, some of our older prints may only be availabe in our Etsy shop while new collections will usually launch on the website before they are listed in the Etsy shop. We also have new designs coming soon that will not be available as seamless patterns. These exclusive collections will go to our contracted partners only.

Our full licensing terms document for our seamless patterns can be found here.

Fabric Questions

Totally! Many of Cate & Rainn’s designs can be found on fabric, wallpaper, crafting supplies and other finished products. A full list of where to shop can be found here.

Change requests for scale and orientation are available for our Spoonflower prints only. Change requests are $30 but we don't offer design or color changes.

Partnership Questions

To learn more and apply click here!